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CWAV can help with the
New Wave of Technology
and Security

Our Services


We install televisions, mounts, sound systems, lighting, and more.  We can also help you find new products at a competitive price.


We offer Starlink internet installation and cell phone boosters in rural areas of Wisconsin. We offer a wide range for networking solutions including custom wire plans and retrofit options.


Security and Surveillance

Looking for security and surveillance options for your home or office?  We can help with both!  


We offer smart home automation services and integration.  We have options to combine your lighting, audio, security, and more using a single platform. 

Satellite and Antenna Services

As equipment ages and new technology emerges,  satellites need to be updated, replaced, removed, or relocated.  Please contact us for more information on this!

Advanced Solutions

We offer new technology and products to enhance your functionality and security of your home or office.  We consider future needs when planning installations to minimize cost while maximizing functionality. 

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